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Super Fine French/Swiss Lace

Introducing the best Hair Replacement Toupee with the thinning lace available to give you a natural looking hair line. Using sing knot combined with a new knot concealing method makes all knot appear to be invisible to the naked eye. Making this the most invisible Full Lace Hair System available for purchase. Check out our shop …

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silk top toupee

Looking for the right toupee replacement? Our silk top transparent lace toupee give the illusion of hair growing right from your scalp. Yes sir there are (No knots, none). We are the few places that offer this for purchase to the public.  But the cost is slightly more than any other systems. Please check out our shop …

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Man weaves are the newest revolution to male grooming with out the expensive cost of hair transplant which is not always 100% effective. Man tracks are a inexpensive way to achieve the best look with a fraction the cost. The average toupee is between $200 and $400 depends on the length texture and size.  No …

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